E.L. Burton is a published author and frequent contributor to the editorial pages. He is currently working as a freelance writer and has aligned himself with individuals of character in a pursuit to restore honor and integrity to the American political system. He is a patriot who loves his country, his freedom and will defend the right of every American to voice their view. If you decide to come on in, check your partisan rhetoric at the door. A quick wit, open mind and desire to seek and defend the truth are required.

E.L. Burton's Novel Conspiracy of Fear was a Semi-Finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel of the Year Contest

The Slow Match of Incremental Tyranny

The conventional view of tyranny is seen from the viewpoint of those who are currently being oppressed or told through the lens of history by those who escaped it.  However, the important view of tyranny, the view relevant to those of us living in the here and now is subtle, a societal additive, a seed that has been planted, one that is being quietly nurtured, watered and cared for.  The tyranny we should fear as Americans will never be visited upon us overnight rather it will be revealed through incremental shifts to freedoms taken for granted or forgotten through time.  We will surrender to tyranny certain freedoms in the name of perceived individual wants or needs, personal safety and the common good and freedom will suffer death by a thousand small paper cuts.  

A single freedom lost whether it applies to you and your life at this moment in time becomes a notch in the belt of tyranny slowly choking liberty.  It may not be you ox being gored but it is a step in your direc

Now here is a revelation

This just in, the New Town Shooter DID NOT use an ?Assault Style?  rifle, let me repeat that for the rabid anti-2nd Amendment liberals who have spent the last month perpetuating lies and frothing at the mouth  to further their twisted fantasy.  After a month of beating the hell out of those who own guns, after newspapers printed the addresses of gun owners in upstate New York in an effort to shame them or out them, after the President followed the advice of the little devil on his shoulder Rom Emanuel (never let a crisis go to waste) after Uncle Joe and his commission, after 22 Executive Orders and the promise to ban ?Assault Rifles? and magazine clips over 10 rounds and after the Governor of New York reached into the homes of every New Yorker suspending their rights we learn that the media had it wrong.
Now here is a revelation, pay attention.  Do you think that the P