E.L. Burton is a published Author and freelance writer.  After losing his eyesight from a rare degenerative eye disease, Burton handed in his corporate badge and car keys to pursue writing full time: both politically and creatively he has written extensively for various candidates seeking public office.  He has ghost written several books, written two novels with one being featured as a semi-finalist in the initial Amazon Breakthrough Novel of the Year Award. His priority is to take his political communications and consulting experience combined with his writing skills to focus on issues of social responsibility. Burton is currently working on a third non-fiction book about his take on the current societal landscape. He is the proud father of two children, Whitney and Fish, three grandchildren and currently lives in Dallas with his wonderful wife Kelly.

The Jacque and Andrew Burton (JAB) fund is a scholarship program granting AIRA Technology to blind college students allowing them to realize ALL the benefits of a college education. AIRA’s groundbreaking visual augmentation technology will help level the playing field for those with visual disabilities.  Donate now and #beinthefight.