Texas Independence

There is a reason they call it running for office…  You can’t walk into office, you can’t have it handed to you, or be appointed to it and expect to just glide in, you have to run and I have been running every day and will not stop until I cross the finish line so any reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated…

I am here to speak today on Texas Independence.  Anytime the topic is raised you are required by Texas law (Ha Ha) to reference the battle at the Alamo.  On March 2nd 1836 Texas declared her independence this declaration occurred because Texans sought one thing and one thing only, FREEDOM, freedom from the oppressive hand of dictatorial rule.  This is a story that has been repeated across this country and around the world but the test of time has elevated the story of Texas’s independence and the bravery of those who stood and died at the Alamo as one of the greatest Stories ever told.  Our story will endure and stand as a testament to mansdesire to live free andlive a life of self determination.

 On February 24, 1836, the Mexican dictator, Antonio López de Santa Anna began laying siege to the Alamo.  On January 19th 2009 President Barack Obama began laying siege on the country he was elected to lead.  Armed with the power of the pen he began to dismantle what has been built with the blood, sweat and lives of those who have come before.  Just as Santa Anaa fired relentless shots at the Alamo this administration has relentlessly attacked the very foundation of this country.  Through oppressive regulations and job killing mandates this administration has weakened our great nation and done more to harm the cause of liberty than to fortify it.  They have taken the hard fought freedom our ancestors earned and replaced it with the bitterness of class warfare by sewing the seeds of discontent.  These actions have made this country less independent and more dependent, the antithesis of the sacrifices made right here in Texas.  

The days of building forts and defending them against armed invasion by foot soldiers with cannons, muskets and bayonets is an era we find in the rear view mirror.  Today we face new challenges and new weapons.  Our forts are now our homes. We fight to defend our individual property rights and our individual liberties, the freedom to enter into the marketplace and exchange goods and services freely.  What is under assault are those basic rights.  Individuals are now battling the forces of the very government we have elected to protect our rights.  Agencies like the EPA are the weapons being leveled and pointed directly at us.  No longer are we free to operate openly in the marketplace.  Instead the powers that be have made the determination that government knows what is best.  Government has the solutions and that my fellow Texans is exactly the battle that was fought in 1836.  History shows us that people must remain vigilant or risk the overreach of government and make no mistake, government is overreaching and it is time that we make a stand and defend our freedom, our liberty.

Remember that the morning of April 21, 1836, it is a metaphor for where we stand today.  That morning dawned and awakened a new day and a new nation.  We saw seven hundred fifty troops under Sam Houston engaged on the field of battle with one thousand two hundred troops under Santa Anna. Outmanned, outgunned, fresh of a crushing defeat they fought and in 18 minutes the Mexican dictator had been defeated. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we are the underdog in this battle.  We stand as proud Texans against the agencies like the EPA, against the oppressive job killing regulations that consistently flow from this nations capital, against the notion that government is the solution.  We know a thing or two about the fight for freedom and the struggle that exists between a government bent on controlling its people and a people yearning to be free.  

I embrace the idea that our government exists to serve the people rather than people existing to serve the government.  It is for that reason I am seeking to fill the seat of my friend ___________ s on the _____________.  I want to stand tall and represent the citizens of Texas and serve their needs and interests.  I want to do what is best for Texas and its citizens by fighting to keep government out of the business of determining winners and losers.   

Right here, right now, this is our fight for independence.  Years from now future generations will tell the story of Texas and its people, a people who never stood still, a people who stood tall and proud and never backed down, a people who gave everything to preserve freedom and truly understood the cause of liberty.

My name is ______________, I am seeking the office of __________________ and I am asking you to trust me and fight with me.  I am asking you for your vote.

Thank you and may God continue to bless America and may His light always shine brightest on Texas.

Sincerity or A Speech for “Restoring Honor Rally 828”

(Insert an introduction and thank appropriate people)

Let me just say in all sincerity that I am honored to be here today.

Frederick Douglas wrote that "Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation, are people who want crops without plowing the ground; they want rain without thunder and lightning; they want the ocean without the roar of its many waters. The struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, or it may be both. But it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will."  

We are in a struggle, that is why each one of you are here today, like Frederick Douglas we agree that power concedes nothing without a demand and I guess that you could say that this rally represents our demand that honor be returned to American politics. 

There are 9 guiding principles and 12 values that combine to give us the 9-12 Project.  This is a bold initiative to bring together Americans as we once were not so very long ago.  In the aftermath of the September 11th attacks for a brief moment on 9-12 we all saw this country through the same lens, a lens once fogged by ideologies that separated into right and left, red states and blue states became crystal clear with the realization that we were all equal in our sorrow as well as in our pride.  A once fractured nation polarized by two sides afraid to give an inch for fear of losing position became a united America intent on protecting what generations past had assembled into the single greatest nation ever created.  I wish that today we could somehow resurrect the common bond created that day in wake of tragedy and in a perfect world that wish would easily be granted but we don’t live in a perfect world.  We live in a world where our people grow weary of a government that has ceased attending to the will of the people, a government that seems to have abandoned its citizenry in favor of self interest and feigned celebrity.  We have endured long enough, we have strived to maintain the harmony once thrust upon us only to have it spat back at us by those in government who see personal benefit in times of collective tragedy and sorrow.   

It is evident to me that since you are all here listening to me today that you think we are heading in the wrong direction, that we have strayed off course.  The truth is that we are all witness to the things that have led us to this moment in time, a moment when the government has turned from serving the people to serving its own interests.  The question becomes where do we go from here?  The 9-12 projects desired outcome is to resurrect , “That same feeling – that commitment to country is what we are hoping to foster with this idea. We want to get everyone thinking like it is September 12th, 2001 again.”  To understand where we go from here we must first understand what the 9-12 Project is all about, what are the 9 principles and the 12 values?  I have been given the privilege today to talk about one of the key values Sincerity “SINCERITY.”  Whenever I am asked to speak about a subject I love to research the definitions, look up quotes and other writings on the subject.  For the definition I decided to go with “Dictionary.com” and their description of sincerity: 

Freedom from deceit, hypocrisy or duplicity; probity in intention or communicating; earnestness.” 

For those of you wondering like I did “Probity” basically means decency or honesty, but I digress.  I also like to check out the synonyms for a word to help me understand it even better.  Words like, truth, candor, frankness and honor are among sincerities friends.   So in defining the word and looking at the words associated with it we now understand that sincerity is a quality that we should see, expect and believe our elected officials possess.  Instead we see the opposite, rather than being free from deceit, hypocrisy and duplicity we find ourselves being held captive by them.  Rather than seeking probity or honesty in their communications from on high we hear lies and accusations that amount to our ignorance in the face of their self righteous posturing.  On issue after issue we are told that we just don’t understand.  If you don’t agree with the individual mandate in the new healthcare reform legislation it isn't because it may be unconstitutional it is because you just don’t understand.  If you don’t agree with the current administration on a wide array of topics it isn't because you might have knowledge that makes it wrong or a belief that it is wrong it is because you just don’t understand it.

A British Pastor by the name of Charles Spurgeon wrote that “Sincerity makes the very least person to be of more value than the most talented hypocrite.”  Ladies and gentlemen standing here with me in San Marcos Texas, we are that “Least” person Spurgeon speaks of.  We are the moms and dads, the laborers, business owners, entrepreneurs and most of all the taxpayers.  We have more value in our sincerity as it is represented by this gathering in Texas and others around the country than the most talented hypocrites adorning the hallways of our nation’s capital.  Take a minute and look around you, look at the people standing here with you today and understand that this simple act is sincerity in action.  You are here expressing a sincere love for those who are gathered with you today, for a country that has made everything and anything possible for you and for your children.  You aren’t being paid to stand here; you aren’t here because your leaders commanded you to be here.  You are here because you know that in order to effect change action is required.  You know that if you were to do nothing, nothing would get done.

John McCain once uttered this phrase, “I don't doubt the sincerity of my Democratic friends. And they should not doubt ours.”  The mainstream media and the left leaning pundits will surely mock the sincerity of each and every one of you gathered here today as well as everyone else gathered for this 828 Restoring Honor Rally. It is my hope that as we all have been witness to their sincere promise to bring about a fundamental change they will not doubt our sincerity as we stand together in protest.  We do not agree with their outdated belief that government is the answer, that government is capable of bringing about economic harmony in one hand while creating deficits with more zeros than the mind can comprehend in the other.  That my friends is hypocrisy, duplicity and intellectually bankrupt, the complete opposite of sincerity, honesty, and probity in communication, there’s that fancy word again…..  

Now don’t get me wrong, I do not stand before you proclaiming that ALL politicians are detestable or ALL the endeavors of government are colossal failures.  Surely we have programs created by government that have improved the quality of this great nation.  Without a doubt we have elected representatives who embody service and are sincere in their approach to government and its role, many of them are standing on this stage today and on stages around the country.  I believe that they have strived in their political life to be sincere in their service and like me I believe that they want to be part of a new beginning, part of restoring honor to a government that seems to have lost its way.  

Our mission here today and in the elections to come will be to seek out those politicians, those individuals who are genuinely sincere when it comes to being an elected representative, a servant of the people.  This has been our destiny, our purpose since the inception of this country.  The great men who first conceived the possibility of America and then fought to see that vision realized, men like Thomas Jefferson asked that we, “Come forward, then, and give us the aid of your talents and the weight of your character towards the new establishment of republicanism.”   Throughout history we have had individuals come forward to serve, some hove served with sincerity and honor while others have found comfort in pursuing self interests or perpetuating personal ideologies and as Thomas Jefferson asked that we come forward he also cautioned us with statements like, “Public offices were not for private convenience.”  Therefore, it is up to each one of us educate ourselves so that we can discern the difference between those seeking to serve from those who want to be served.  Rally’s like this one serve as a platform for a new breed of elected representatives, people answering Jefferson challenge to come forward bringing with them their character and their honor. 

In closing let me say that this is our time, this is where we draw the line in the sand and proclaim that the restoration of honor begins here and now.  We know what is wrong, we know that we are on the wrong path, the only question that remains is will we answer the call and become be united in our pursuit of restoring honor to our government or will allow ourselves to continue to bebe deceive and divided by partisans seeking to sustain the status quo?  In case you haven’t already, please take a minute and review the 9 Principles and 12 Values that form the 9-12 Project then ask yourself, Am I better off today than I was a few years back?  Is this country better off?  Will my kids inherit a better America?  If the answer is no, to any or all of the above then it’s time to make a stand for America.  In one loud voice let them hear a united America, we will not shrink, we will not lower our voice we will not go quietly but we will restore honor with a sincere pledge to demand a return to a government that is by the people and for the people.  

Thank you and may God continue to bless America and the Great State of Texas.

Speech: EPA Praised by Obama for Growing the Economy . . . Really?!?

In January of this year in a speech to employees of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) President Obama commended the agency for facilitating growth and fostering an environment that helped lead the economy forward.  He told them, “The main reason that I am here is simple, I just want to thank you.  I want to say thank you to each and every one of you, because the EPA touches the lives of every single American every single day.”  Now I don’t know what you think but that scares me to death.  I believe the EPA has done more to hinder economic growth and stifle job creation than anybody could have envisioned.  This administration using agencies like the Department of Energy and the EPA have taken money out of the free market, wastefully shoveling it into the boondoggle market known as “Green and Renewable Energy.”  We have replaced fiscal sanity with fiscal insanity putting at risk the good name, full faith and credit of the United States and her citizens.  Our country fiscal health is teetering and close to flat-lining.  The reality is that through destructive policies based on ideologies that are at best flawed and at there worst by design, control has been taken away form “We the People” and turned over to government.  

So, why is it imperative that we return the fiscal health of this country to “We the People” and take it out of the hands of the Obama administration?  For the simple reason that pursuing the flawed model of the government picking winners and losers is bankrupting us as a nation and these policies have done little to bring down the cost of energy or reduce our dependence on foreign oil.  Chasing “Green” science and “Green” jobs has removed precious capital from the free market.  President Obama has employed the strong arm of the EPA to crush the free market that has propelled this nation for decades.  It has used the Department of Energy and the Treasury to give away YOUR tax dollars to THEIR friends in the “Green” movement.  This administration does not care where and with whom they spend YOUR hard earned money.  

A123 Systems recently announced they would be implementing lay-offs, cutting significant number of its employs.  This after receiving a combined $390.1 million dollars to pursue green energy through it battery plant in Michigan.  However, the executives at A123 Systems gave themselves a hefty pay raise before the layoffs, pay raises that are courtesy of the American Tax Payer.

Who can forget Solyndra, a green boondoggle that continues to reveal rampant criminality and fraud?  The company was drowning in debt and based on a poor business model yet the Obama Administration saw fit to practice crony capitalism in the name of “Clean, Green Energy” and they pumped $500 million of tax payer dollars into this floundering and now bankrupt business. 

Uni-Solar a subsidiary of Michigan based Energy Conversion Devices (ECD) has also filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Under the Obama administrations stimulus plan they received $13.1 million dollars of American taxpayer dollars.                                                              

Ener1 a subsidiary of EnerDel located in New York with a plant in Indiana received $118 million American taxpayer dollars only to find the same fate, bankruptcy.  With great fanfare our illustrious Vice President Joe Biden visited the car battery plant in Indiana and hyped the money granted to Ener1 by the Department of Energy as a solid investment.

And yet another energy boondoggle finds itself bankrupt after receiving $43 million American taxpayer dollars.  Beacon Power Corporation received the money to develop an “Energy Storage” system based on what are known as “Flywheels.”  Yup, our money is flying right out the door.  Range Fuels accepted $64million from US taxpayers and another $6.2 million for the taxpayers of Georgia, Ranger Fuel is now bankrupt.  Mountain Plaza Inc. accepted $424,000 they are now bankrupt.  Evergreen Solar, they weren’t shy about accepting money from everybody.  They took stimulus funds totaling $125 million for weatherization projects.  They took $55 million in energy block grants in Massachusetts.  They took $5.3 million federal stimulus cash and an additional $984,00 in federal funds as well as $758,000 in low interest “Clean Renewable energy Bonds.”  The end result BANKRUPT.   

There are so many other examples of the rampant out of control spending perpetuated by this administration that I could go on and on.  Many are stories you have heard but there are so many other stories out there that the Mainstream Media refuses to cover so it is up to you and to me to begin the conversation, to tell the story that the mainstream media refuses to tell.  

Let me be perfectly clear here, we are in a crisis, not an energy crisis but a crisis that pits ideology against common sense.  Change this time around isn’t just a feel good slogan, change means we are in a fundamental fight for our liberty and our freedom.  If we sit idly by watch this President and his cronies chase their ideology and do nothing then this will surly be the end of the America your parents and their parents spent their lives sacrificing for, building and hoping that we would carry that dream forward to hand to our children and future generations.  The EPA must be eliminated.  The Department of Energy must be reigned in.  The Treasury should be set back to the task of monitoring our fiscal house and shown the door when it comes to picking winners and losers, the Treasury isn’t their personal bank, it’s the people’s money.  These agencies and entities are out of control and only you, each and every one of you can change the direction this country is headed.  Become active, tell your friends, your neighbors, co-workers, anybody that will listen to stand up and fight for the America we knew and the America we love.

The battles that we face were wrought by the federal government, brought to our front door but the reality is they are fought here at home by state and local representatives.  Agencies like the EPA implement policy and cast the oppressive wide net of restrictions leaving your elected representatives at home as the only line of defense.  It is imperative that when you walk into the voting booth to cast your ballot you must make that vote count by electing individuals capable of standing on the front line.  I am the candidate willing ready and able to stand on that front line and engage those interests that are aligned against states and states rights.  My allegiance is to the citizens of Texas not to the political elite and those special interest groups lined up behind them.  Politics as usual has brought us into the fight we face, returning the function of government to the people is the only way we can regain control of this out of control spiral is to band together and raise our collective voices.  If you want your country, your state, your city back then join my grassroots campaign.  As Railroad Commissioner I will commit to serving the people of the great state of Texas.  I commit to bringing the functions of the Commission up to date making it easier to do business in the state.  I will commit to endorsing growth for everyone willing to do the work.  I will commit to standing tall against the EPA favoring the advancement of states rights over federal control.  I will commit to operating in an open and transparent manner allowing the citizens of Texas to be a part of the solution.  I am the candidate who will serve the people and not expect to be served by the people. 

 I am asking for your support and asking for your vote.

Speech: Campaign Vision 1

Before I get started I want to take some time to dispel a few myths before I get started.

I am older than I look

I am not __________!

I was asked to come and speak to you today about what my vision of the ______ would be under my watch.  My vision for the ______ is to bring balance, mutual respect and shared ambitions between industry and citizen.  Think about it this way, protecting Texas and protecting Texas energy are one in the same, there is no difference between the two because they are a singular pursuit.  It isn’t what should divide us; it is what should unite us in the common pursuit of protecting our state and securing our economic future.  

One issue I have had to deal with on the trail is the people who question my ability to maintain my values, serve the needs of the people and those in the industry who worry that I will trample on their profitability.  Naturally my answer is and will continue to be that there must exist a balance.  Rather than fighting among ourselves we have to focus on what is best for the state and realize that our common enemy isn’t big business or the radical fringes of political parties it is the battle we face with the federal government and their pursuit of an agenda that would effectively end our ability to create jobs and generate profit based on our number one resource, Texas energy.  

My opponent, the incumbent, has adopted an agenda that runs counter to most of what I have said and will say and he has done it with one of this nations most liberal anti-energy presidents in modern history.

My top three priorities moving forward are balance, balance and balance.  

I believe that what the people want, what they crave is the ability to find a job, work at that job with the promise of security so they can raise their children with the idea that the American dream is in fact a reality and finally to be able to retire with dignity.  In the same vein I believe that the energy industry here in Texas wants to be able to create these jobs, help educate future generations so that they will return and continue to bring the ingenuity that leads to prosperity.  Realizing that the industry does not want to destroy the goose that laid the golden egg is the first step in understanding that the industries ambitions and goals can and should run parallel to the people who work for them and those who consume their products.  It is a two way street but in order for the traffic to run smoothly and evenly we need a good cop on the beat and I am that cop.  I can balance the needs of industry with the needs of Texans because I understand the important role both play in our future.

In order to frame my vision for the future we have to understand where we have been and what we have had to contend with.

Frederick Douglas was quoted as saying that “Power concedes nothing without a demand.” Well, we have been demanding and the power has yet to yield, instead they are doing the demanding but not at the point of a gun, YET,, but…..  through an atmosphere of anti energy (oil, gas and coal specifically), which in turn has lead to higher prices at the pump.  The administration is using the EPA like a gun to kill our economy and change our energy future to meet their demand.  

The EPA is churning out new regulations in unprecedented number, speed and cost. The Wall Street Journal has called this EPA regulatory spree “unprecedented in U.S. history.” By the administration’s own estimates the new regulations will cost more 1 trillion dollars. And according to the deputy secretary of the EPA, they do not take into account job losses when creating and reviewing rules.

They claim this anti energy agenda or all-out assault on the oil, gas and coal industries is in the name of energy independence and environmental protection. 

Over and over we have heard the steady drumbeat that we are killing our planet and that we must all bow at the altar of “Renewable” energy GOD.  The reality is that renewable energy is simply not ready for prime time and it cannot shoulder the energy needs of this nation.  

You cannot obtain energy independence with renewable sources of energy alone and if anyone tells you that, they lie and speak from their ideology and not from reality. 

How do they want to stop Texas: 

Shutdown of oil production in the Gulf of Mexico This move killed an estimated 13,000 jobs in the gulf region and 19,000 nationally by imposing that moratorium on drilling in US water. Now even after the moratorium has been lifted the slow pace of permitting is leaving experts estimate 250,000 new jobs in the gulf region of the table. Now that new regulations have been put into place, removing any excuses for restarting operations, they have begun a fight for a Sea Horse that needs magnification to see, claiming that it is an endangered species and should be considered as a factor in keeping oil production and exploration closed.

They have now declared HAY as a pollutant. The very thing we feed our cattle. They are starting enforcement action in Kansas. Texas could be next!

Declare the “Dunes Sagebrush Lizard,” or sand dune lizard an endangered species. If the administration declares this common lizard an endangered species if would effectively shut down oil production in the Permian Basin of West Texas. Costing jobs! The Permian Basin of West Texas produced 268 million barrels of oil in 2010. A friend of mine Jerry Patterson calls it a reptile dysfunction. 

The sad truth is that the only thing that is becoming endangered is common sense, but I digress

Declaring the very breath we exhale as illegal and a pollutant. CO2 is not a pollutant. Global warming alarmists are debating over CO2 levels 320 ppm in the air, and OSHA does not even look at CO2 levels being harmful until it reaches 5,000 ppm. All this while CO2 levels in the US have decreased 79% since 1980. 

All of this while the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit was caught manipulating climate data. 

All of this while the biologist who claimed that polar bears were drowning because of melting ice from CO2 has been suspended and is being investigated for scientific misconduct. Manipulating data!

All of this while NASA’s own satellite data from the years 2000 through 2011 show the Earth's atmosphere is allowing far more heat to be released into space than alarmist computer models have predicted. [Explain]

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, world’s largest centers for scientific research involving 60 countries and 8,000 scientists at more than 600 universities and national laboratories, findings were published in the journal Nature. They built a stainless steel chamber that precisely re-created the Earth’s atmosphere and demonstrate that the suns cosmic rays determine the temperature on Earth.

Further Texas has been using CO2 in enhanced oil recovery for more than 30 years. Here is Texas CO2 is commodity not a calamity.

My vision for the ______ has a different name like the ______ and three elected officials. This will continue the diversity of thought, accountability to the citizens and industry, and eliminates of the possibility for the largest oil and gas regulator in the country second only to the Department of Energy fro, having an Oil & Gas Czar. Czars are not right for Washington and they are certainly not right for Texas.

My vision for the ______ is a tiered fee and penalty structure for smaller producers giving their companies more flexibility while keeping the public trust that all are being held accountable.

My vision for the _______ is that of an agency and its commissioners that are not promoters of electric vehicles, or alternative source of energy or in anyway picking winners of losers in the marketplace, but an agency and its commissioners that are committed to accountability, an agency that stands a referee ensuring that everyone has the chance to participate and win on a level playing field.  

My vision for the _______ would see limits to contributions ensuring again a level playing field, just because you have the fattest checkbook docent mean you can roll over the little guy.  In a Greg Parker administration prosperity for all those willing to do the hard work, play by the rules and work for a brighter future for Texas and Texans will be the goal. 

My vision includes increased transparency, modernization and a firm belief that we are accountable to not just the industry but to the sovereign state of Texas and all Texans.  I believe that energy is the key to our economic recovery therefore the protection of our lands and our resources are of paramount importance. 

My name is _______, I am a candidate for ________, I believe in the promise of a bright future for Texas and I am asking you for your vote

Speech: Campaign Stock 1

(Acknowledge your audience, where you are and the important people in the room.)


I was elected to the _______ on November 2, 2004 unseating an incumbent democrat. 

(My suggestion for an ice breaker)

Yes, I am a proud black conservative, I know, I know, something of a mythical paradox but thanks to the current President and the outstanding job he is doing …  Roll your eyes and or clear your throat… I am here to inform you that we do in fact exist.  

I also happen to be the youngest conservative republican to hold the title of ________ in the state of Texas.  In 2008 I was re-elected by my constituents because of my steadfast commitment to safeguarding their tax dollars in a way that balanced the protection of individual property rights with a deep understanding of preserving our land resources and maximizing them for growth and future generations.  I was honored in 2008 when Governor Perry appointed me to the _______where my fellow board members entrusted me to lead the initiative for_______.  I have a diverse education background that includes Bachelors of Business Administration, Masters Degree in Public Administration and I am currently completing my PhD in Policy and Administration, but enough about my history, let me tell you what I believe.

I know that one of the notions that have led us to this point is suffering from what we hope and what we believe.  So let me be very clear here, I am not pouring out my hopes, I am stating my beliefs because as Sarah Palin reminded us when she asked in a speech: “So how is that hopey changey thing working out for ya,” we can easily see that the false hope of the current administration has brought us to this point in time.  A point in time that we can see gas prices skyrocket, the cost of goods and services trending up, inflation looming in the shadows, a budget deficit in the trillions and a national debt that has almost doubled.  Hope and change?  To be honest I hope things do change…

Seriously, lets get back to what I believe.  I believe that Texas is a unique state that is rich in energy resources.  Coal, oil and natural gas reserves buried deep beneath the soil will serve as a source of energy for decades to come but only if we stay committed to a balanced approach to harnessing its potential.  I believe that Texans can and will be the driving force that can accomplish bringing a balanced approach to energy production and will serve as a model for the rest of the nation.  I believe that this is a critical time in this nation’s progression because it is my firm belief that Energy and Energy Technologies will be the next big economy.  I believe this is why it will be imperative for Texas to lead the way through development of these resources, the education of a highly qualified and innovative workforce and a commitment to understanding the importance of energy as it relates to the prosperity and protection of this country.  Finally and this is an important one, I believe in the promise of a bright future for Texas powered by abundant resources and driven by Texas pride and ingenuity.  

So that is what I believe.  Standing in the path of my beliefs is a bureaucratic behemoth bent on de-valuing the dollar.  They strive to usher in inflation to rescue us from debt.  They impede industry through false ideologies that have brought us “Cap and Trade” legislation.  They have escalated entitlement spending by pushing onto the American people things like Obamacare.  They create catchy slogans like “Winning the Future” while they feign attempts at weaning us from our addiction on foreign oil yet they hamstringing America by suspending oil production in this country.  They do this while at the same time giving speeches and American dollars to countries that compete with America for energy production and for the most vital resource in any recovery, jobs.  A perfect example would be President Obama’s recent trip to Brazil, who can forget that nightmare speech?  A speech in which American Dollars were given to a country to pursue the very jobs the administration stole from the Gulf Coast.  In that speech our President propped up deep water drilling in Brazil, handed them the cash in the form of loan guarantees, created jobs for Brazilians, and to add insult to injury he also hoped (there is that word again) that America would be Brazil’s best customer.  Where I believe in meeting our own needs when it comes to energy and jobs we have an administration that sees fit to outsource it.

It doesn’t stop there, while the shutdown of oil production in the Gulf of Mexico has resulted in less oil being produced domestically and jobs being moved out of this country we see the hands of the obstructionist administration at work here again in our backyard.   Who here knows about the“Dunes Sagebrush Lizard,” or sand dune lizard?  If you haven’t you should have and if you don’t then let me tell you about this fun little reptilian friend that is now the poster child of the left, the environmentalists, the very energy killing radicals who want to take us back to the days of the horse and buggy and mud huts for homes.  This little fella has been proposed by the Obama Administration to be added to the list as federally endangered.  This is clearly a political move aimed at crippling America’s energy producers but this one hits far too close to home.  It threatens oil and gas production right here in Texas impacting counties like Gaines, Andrews, Ward, Winkler and Crane, all vital plays in the Permian Basin.  

The goal of the Obama Administration should be to find ways to create jobs here and not in Brazil.  Government should be should be invested in embracing businesses here rather than encouraging them to go elsewhere because the administrations ideology trumps reality.  The idea of energy independence does not nor should not include an all out assault on the Texas oil and gas industry but looking back it seems as though that is the plan of the current administration.  

Ladies, we sit on the verge of leading the nation into a new economy driven by energy and innovative energy technologies.  Our vast resources in natural gas, oil and coal combined with advances in renewable energies have all served in making Texas an energy leader and will serve as an economic engine for growth and prosperity for future generations.  This can only turn from a belief into a reality if we stand up now and fight for what is right, what is just and what is OURS.  I believe in Texas and the promise of a future in which Texas stands tall and stands as an example of what a bright independent energy future looks like.   We have it, the country needs it and now lets get to doing it the Texas way and deliver it to them.

(You can use one if the following slogans for and ending, these are yours from past speeches)

“Texas Power, the new economic engine for growth and prosperity” 

“Texas Power, leading the nation into a new economy”

“Texas, Powering a Brighter Tomorrow”

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak to you today and please let me close by saying may God Continue to Bless America and the great State of Texas.

5-Minute Speech V2

I want to begin my remarks by inviting you to visit my website:


There you will find the most complete explanation of who I am and what my vision for the future of Texas is.  

When I decided to seek elective office I did it because I wanted to make a difference.  I wanted to bring my thoughts to the market place of ideas and along with my fellow Texans begin the process of returning the government to the people.   

Things like money and endorsements never really fit into the process for me.  What has seemed to work is meeting and listening to the concerns of every person that crossed my path.  To take the time to drive a hundred miles to meet with a group of 5 or 500 because that is what a public servant does.  As a result of my approach I have sought and won two hard fought elections understanding that political endorsements meant very little when it came to winning the endorsements of every single person that voted for me.  

A lot will be made of who among the political elite is aligned with whom and if that is important to you then I guess that supporting ______ may not be for you.  But if you are interested in moving forward in an open, transparent and honest way with an individual who seeks “The Peoples” endorsement when making decisions rather than looking to see which way the wind is blowing then supporting _______ is the first step in restoring the reality of “We The People.”

For far too long now elections have been run more like auctions.  Did you know that 94% of the time the candidate running for office who has raised the most money wins.  Think about that, money dictates outcomes in our elections.  I am here to challenge that model, I am here to challenge you to begin the process of taking back our representative form of government and help me return it to “We The People.”  That will only occur when we collectively wake up and tell the political elite, the bundlers and the special interest groups that our elective offices are no longer up for auction.

Texas is poised for great things.  It has been my long held position that energy will be the catalyst for the next great economic boom in this country and sitting underneath our feet right here and right now is the fuel that will power our countries economic recovery.  This can only happen if we send the right people to the State House, to Congress and to the White House.  

Over the next several months you will have the opportunity to vet many candidates for many different office.  They will stand in front of you and tick off their resumes, they will parade out members of the existing political elite to show you that they have support and they will try and convince you that endorsements count and that big bankrolls count.  They will tell you that these things are what give candidate legitimacy and I am here to tell you that is not the case, that endorsements and money don’t equal legitimacy they equal the stale business as usual mentality we find ourselves entangled in.  

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow Texans, I am here to tell you that what matters is the willingness to do the hard work.  The willingness to hit the road and touch every voter you can.  To listen to you, your concerns and even your recommendations for solving the problems we face.  An elected official, a public servant serves the people who took the time to vote for them and not the special interests groups who funded them or the political elite seeking to coopt others into a flawed system that has served itself rather than the people.

I have an energy plan, a vision for Texas and I have spent the last two years traveling the state speaking about it and writing about it.  I have been outspoken about my objections to the EPA and their out of control regulatory practices.  I have been out in front on championing real reform when it comes to energy.   I understand that a balance must exist between protecting our environment, our citizens with creating jobs and realizing real energy independence.  I have the background necessary to serve and the willingness to work with and for the people.  

Please visit my website, grab me after this event or any of the many other events I will attend and ask me the questions, share your concerns with me as well as your solutions.  Together we can sustain the dream that is Texas but only as long we elect people willing to do the hard work.  I implore you to just say no to those seeking to perpetuate the auctioning of elections as they waive endorsements that merely equal IOU’s.  The only IOU I have issued or will ever issue is to the voter when they have decided to trust me to serve them.

My name is _______ and I am asking you for your vote.  Thank you