Fake Wars and Liberal Whores

As I listened to the exchange between Bill Maher and Ben Affleck on Maher’s HBO show Real-Time”, I was not surprised by what I heard out of the mouth of self-aggrandizing liberals assembled. I was more shocked by what I did not hear. I did not hear the LGBT’s drumbeat of equality of marriage, or NOW’s war on women and women’s right. Instead I heard fear by casting blame of others for even questioning Islam. So based on the inane back and forth I have come to the realization that liberals are scared and fearful.  They are fearful of a real fight. Standing and marching in the US screaming “equality of marriage” is ok when the worse that can happen is a court case where you are sure to find and activist judge that will rule in your favor.  Yet, when faced with the hard choice of truly fighting for your so-called enlightened values you run and blame others. 

Example: Al Gore and the Global warming alarmist; when faced with the so called collapse of man-kind due to human CO2 pollution; the best you can do is sue, recycle and blame the the republicans believing that government overreach and freedom killing regulations are the answer. Yet you yourself cannot make the hard choice to stop flying, stop driving, or to give up living in your big mansions. It’s way too tough. 

Now faced with the threat of a homicidal cult that is Islam (yes I said it, and CAIR, do not expect an apology it’s not going to happen!) who at its core epitomizes the very values you claim to despise, you sit silent.  What is your solution?  You run for the hills hiding behind the cloak of racism hoping to fins Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility so that you don't have to see the face of a real threat. Liberals, like it or not, Islam is now in the US front and center and there is a choice to be made, you can wage your fake war on conservatives or you can get real and join the actual war that exists on women, on equality and fairness.  My challenge, C’mon and finish what you started, put you money where your mouth has been for so long.  Stand up and fight for your values. Hell you’re finally on the RIGHT side.  Of course, that is just my take.