Speech: EPA Praised by Obama for Growing the Economy . . . Really?!?

In January of this year in a speech to employees of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) President Obama commended the agency for facilitating growth and fostering an environment that helped lead the economy forward.  He told them, “The main reason that I am here is simple, I just want to thank you.  I want to say thank you to each and every one of you, because the EPA touches the lives of every single American every single day.”  Now I don’t know what you think but that scares me to death.  I believe the EPA has done more to hinder economic growth and stifle job creation than anybody could have envisioned.  This administration using agencies like the Department of Energy and the EPA have taken money out of the free market, wastefully shoveling it into the boondoggle market known as “Green and Renewable Energy.”  We have replaced fiscal sanity with fiscal insanity putting at risk the good name, full faith and credit of the United States and her citizens.  Our country fiscal health is teetering and close to flat-lining.  The reality is that through destructive policies based on ideologies that are at best flawed and at there worst by design, control has been taken away form “We the People” and turned over to government.  

So, why is it imperative that we return the fiscal health of this country to “We the People” and take it out of the hands of the Obama administration?  For the simple reason that pursuing the flawed model of the government picking winners and losers is bankrupting us as a nation and these policies have done little to bring down the cost of energy or reduce our dependence on foreign oil.  Chasing “Green” science and “Green” jobs has removed precious capital from the free market.  President Obama has employed the strong arm of the EPA to crush the free market that has propelled this nation for decades.  It has used the Department of Energy and the Treasury to give away YOUR tax dollars to THEIR friends in the “Green” movement.  This administration does not care where and with whom they spend YOUR hard earned money.  

A123 Systems recently announced they would be implementing lay-offs, cutting significant number of its employs.  This after receiving a combined $390.1 million dollars to pursue green energy through it battery plant in Michigan.  However, the executives at A123 Systems gave themselves a hefty pay raise before the layoffs, pay raises that are courtesy of the American Tax Payer.

Who can forget Solyndra, a green boondoggle that continues to reveal rampant criminality and fraud?  The company was drowning in debt and based on a poor business model yet the Obama Administration saw fit to practice crony capitalism in the name of “Clean, Green Energy” and they pumped $500 million of tax payer dollars into this floundering and now bankrupt business. 

Uni-Solar a subsidiary of Michigan based Energy Conversion Devices (ECD) has also filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Under the Obama administrations stimulus plan they received $13.1 million dollars of American taxpayer dollars.                                                              

Ener1 a subsidiary of EnerDel located in New York with a plant in Indiana received $118 million American taxpayer dollars only to find the same fate, bankruptcy.  With great fanfare our illustrious Vice President Joe Biden visited the car battery plant in Indiana and hyped the money granted to Ener1 by the Department of Energy as a solid investment.

And yet another energy boondoggle finds itself bankrupt after receiving $43 million American taxpayer dollars.  Beacon Power Corporation received the money to develop an “Energy Storage” system based on what are known as “Flywheels.”  Yup, our money is flying right out the door.  Range Fuels accepted $64million from US taxpayers and another $6.2 million for the taxpayers of Georgia, Ranger Fuel is now bankrupt.  Mountain Plaza Inc. accepted $424,000 they are now bankrupt.  Evergreen Solar, they weren’t shy about accepting money from everybody.  They took stimulus funds totaling $125 million for weatherization projects.  They took $55 million in energy block grants in Massachusetts.  They took $5.3 million federal stimulus cash and an additional $984,00 in federal funds as well as $758,000 in low interest “Clean Renewable energy Bonds.”  The end result BANKRUPT.   

There are so many other examples of the rampant out of control spending perpetuated by this administration that I could go on and on.  Many are stories you have heard but there are so many other stories out there that the Mainstream Media refuses to cover so it is up to you and to me to begin the conversation, to tell the story that the mainstream media refuses to tell.  

Let me be perfectly clear here, we are in a crisis, not an energy crisis but a crisis that pits ideology against common sense.  Change this time around isn’t just a feel good slogan, change means we are in a fundamental fight for our liberty and our freedom.  If we sit idly by watch this President and his cronies chase their ideology and do nothing then this will surly be the end of the America your parents and their parents spent their lives sacrificing for, building and hoping that we would carry that dream forward to hand to our children and future generations.  The EPA must be eliminated.  The Department of Energy must be reigned in.  The Treasury should be set back to the task of monitoring our fiscal house and shown the door when it comes to picking winners and losers, the Treasury isn’t their personal bank, it’s the people’s money.  These agencies and entities are out of control and only you, each and every one of you can change the direction this country is headed.  Become active, tell your friends, your neighbors, co-workers, anybody that will listen to stand up and fight for the America we knew and the America we love.

The battles that we face were wrought by the federal government, brought to our front door but the reality is they are fought here at home by state and local representatives.  Agencies like the EPA implement policy and cast the oppressive wide net of restrictions leaving your elected representatives at home as the only line of defense.  It is imperative that when you walk into the voting booth to cast your ballot you must make that vote count by electing individuals capable of standing on the front line.  I am the candidate willing ready and able to stand on that front line and engage those interests that are aligned against states and states rights.  My allegiance is to the citizens of Texas not to the political elite and those special interest groups lined up behind them.  Politics as usual has brought us into the fight we face, returning the function of government to the people is the only way we can regain control of this out of control spiral is to band together and raise our collective voices.  If you want your country, your state, your city back then join my grassroots campaign.  As Railroad Commissioner I will commit to serving the people of the great state of Texas.  I commit to bringing the functions of the Commission up to date making it easier to do business in the state.  I will commit to endorsing growth for everyone willing to do the work.  I will commit to standing tall against the EPA favoring the advancement of states rights over federal control.  I will commit to operating in an open and transparent manner allowing the citizens of Texas to be a part of the solution.  I am the candidate who will serve the people and not expect to be served by the people. 

 I am asking for your support and asking for your vote.