Yawning at Paul Revere

I am a “Reformed” political writer, officially done with it.  However, after watching and listening to the histrionics over Russia and Trump and Helsinki and, and, and….. I find myself needing to remind all of the “Chicken Littles” out there screaming “the sky is falling!” to settle down and take a trip with me to a time not too long ago. Back in 2012, then Presidential candidate Mitt Romney attempted to play the role of Paul Revere in a Presidential Debate with then President Obama.  Mitt Romney’s hue and cry was not that the British were coming, he warned that Russia was coming, that they were here, that they were in fact the world player that America needed to take seriously as a threat.  At the debate, President Obama mocked Romney cheaply replying to him that “The 80’s called… The cold war is over…..” This drew a chuckle from all concerned and consequently Vice President Biden chimed in later with yet more piling on regarding Romney’s naivety.  As did Secretaries of State John Kerry as well as Hillary Clinton, respectively.  Each were dismissive of Romney and each claimed Russia was an important ally to America. If you believe I am overly critical of just Democrats, think again.  Former President George Bush famously stated at a press conference that, "I have looked in his eyes seen that he is a good man." I have provided video links at the bottom of this for you to watch, don't take my word for it, listen to their words at the time. Then ask yourself, “Where is the concern?  Where is the condemnation of Vladimir Putin?  Where is the threat to America? Where are the prevailing opinions of today echoed in any of their words?   

Part of our problem today is that in our zealotry and hatred we forget to do our research, we become lazy and rely on a media that is ideologically driven rather than being objective in their analysis and reporting.  For all of the bad the internet represents in our current culture, the one value is the fact that it is the repository of actions and words, the place we can go to find the truth, the words and deeds of others. Our imperative is to be an informed electorate, to seek out and find facts rather than existing in an echo chamber where like baby birds we are fed regurgitated information masquerading as sustenance.  If you are intellectually honest, then you understand that as of 2014 the previous administration knew what was happening, however, like the rest of us, they relied on the exact same ideologically driven media telling them that through all their polling and infinite wisdom, Hillary Clinton would win the election.  Well, she didn’t and now we have Donald J. Trump as our President.  So, as you sit and listen to the talking heads as they feed your little baby beak, rather than keeping your head up and eagerly waiting for the next bite, put your head down, learn to feed yourself, to inform yourself so that the next time a Mitt Romney comes along with a warning, you’re ready.

 I implore you to step outside your bubble, walk away from your safe space, exit your echo chamber, unplug from the Matrix and be smarter than the cadre of politicians, corporations and pontificators invested in keeping you right where you are.  Challenge those who tell you that they know the facts, that they have the answers and the solutions to your troubled world.  The truth is that by sitting in opposition of this advice means that you are comfortable ceding your freedoms and liberty to the whims of others.  The greatest threat we face today isn't Russia, China, North Korea, President Trump, Republicans or Democrats, it is us, all of us collectively allowing the real life “Matrix” to hold us captive as it divides us, separates us only to then sedate us into compliance.  Free yourself, free your mind, become an informed citizenry because that is their greatest fear. 

The videos below represent a single topic and illustrates the rank hypocrisy that exists, the tool used to divide us. Our only weapon against it is to reunite ourselves in our common humanity and strive to be better, to be worthy of honesty over those peddling lies and prevarications. If you believe this was written in defense of President Trump, sorry, you’re an idiot seated comfortably in your safe space with your echo chamber headphones on.  This is a piece aimed at anybody who is tired of division, tired of being purposefully misled for the express purpose of a machine whose only power is derived by separating us. I quit writing in this space, unplugged myself from the “Political Matrix,” however, every now and again I plug back in because I care about a country that has blessed me so much and given me so many opportunities. When we cease expressing our opinions through speech, through writing, when we stop challenging each other, freedom dies so trust me, I’m still here.

Below are 5 Links worth watching: