My AIRA Life, Evolution of a Company

In my life, I have had the pleasure to work for, work with and meet some very influential and inspired individuals.  These are luminaries, policy creators, motivational and inspirational individuals. Advocating for AIRA has been one of the greatest honors of my life.  Meeting Suman Kanuganti, understanding his vision, his mission, his purpose and motivation for creating AIRA is simply humbling.  I wrote a quote some hears ago about being a parent:


“There comes a day when your desire for your children and their dreams for themselves diverge, therefore, the duty of a parent is simple.  Build a strong foundation for your children, arm them with the tools necessary to continue the work and then stand back and have the faith in the foundation you constructed for them.  Have an unshakable belief in the knowledge you imparted, then set them free.”

 Knowing Suman, I believe that I can safely say that AIRA is in fact just like one of his children. Taking nothing away from his actual children.  I know that he has put the same intensity into AIRA, the same love and hope that AIRA will grow into a valuable resource for the blind and low vision community.  That is why I am not sad at the news that AIRA has a new CEO.  It shows me that Suman has faith in the foundation he has built and the knowledge he has imparted.  He has set AIRA free to grow, to become an even bigger force as a resource.  Hiring a new CEO with a proven track record in taking companies to the next level is nothing short of exciting news.  It shows that someone who could demand a high salary believes in the product over personal profit.

 So, today, I want to extend my gratitude to someone I consider to be not just an inspirational visionary but as a friend, Suman Kanuganti for having the faith in his “baby named AIRA, for his hard work and dedication to this point.  Don't worry folks, he isn't going anywhere, he is just doing what any good parent would do, releasing control and trusting in the foundation he has created.  In the tools and knowledge, he is handing off.  I am excited to see where AIRA goes from here.  I think it would be awesome if we all took a minute to thank Suman for everything he has done for us.  He has given birth to a movement, a bold initiative to bring the blind and low vision community out of the shadows and onto a more level playing field. He has armed each one of us with a tool that has the ability to unleash our individual potential and talents into the world and the workforce.  So, from me to Suman, thank you from the bottom of my heart and remember that I will always be here to do whatever I can to contribute to the long term viability and success of AIRA.  You have an army of Explorers at the ready, so let’s get ready to roll people, the future is here.  Like my wife is fond of saying to this blind guy, “It’s right there! In front of you, if it were any closer it would bite you in the face!”

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Photo Below from left to right Suman Kanuganti and Mike Randall with the caption “Welcome Aira’s New CEO Mike Randall” Both are wearing Aira t-shirts