Lost then Found

To understand where this writing came from requires a bit of an explanation.  The inspiration for this poem is the loss of a dear friend who battled life.  

Nobody ever said that life was easy, that we would escape it unblemished.  It is my belief that the strongest among us suffer for those of us who do not posses the abilities to survive the tortures of life.  God promised that life would not be easy but he also promised that he would provide a balance to serve as an example for his children.  That balance requires that some among us suffer through life.  If everybody were to come to this earth and never have to suffer then what lesson would we all learn?  As a result of this reality warriors are born among us to take up the mantle of living an incomplete life to illuminate the path of the possible. 

If we never knew sorrow, we could never begin to know joy.  If we never knew suffering we could never learn redemption.  If we never knew addiction or affliction we could never appreciate the blessing of health.  

 But it is imperative that you understand that mine is a memory of a little brother sent to help shepherd me through this life and I know with certainty he stands in the presence of giants now humbled to have served his Father’s purpose.  

Lost then Found

When I came to be I found so much

My life was rich beyond the wildest of dreams

There were brothers and sisters, a mother and father 

Along the way I found friendship, hope, happiness, joy and love

Innocence was the song of the day and bliss lined my young path


As I transitioned from boy to man my treasures went missing

Perhaps I had taken my eye off of them

Perhaps my choices had stripped them away

Perhaps I had wandered from my path

Now I found loneliness, anguish, sadness, and sorrow and wondered who could love me

Despair became the anthem of my life, my path littered with regret


All that I know is that gone was my hope, my happiness and my joy

Thoughts of loving and being loved intangible, unrecognizable remnants of emotions longed for

Innocence shattered

They had been replaced with the timid uncertainties of a life incomplete

But as I peered through the fog that clouds a life, there sprinkled on the path were points of light

I realized that they had been there all along

Brothers that loved me, Sisters who adored me

A mother whose only dream was that her son knew of her love, her faith and her hope

Had I ever lost all that I had found or was it right in front of me this whole time?

But still, something was missing


I am gone now, alone

My path is surely dark, my way uncertain, my regrets many

Then, just then, after the last breathe, as I wander in darkness

A voice

It is soft, kind reassuring and familiar

Fear not my son for you are home  

These are the words that pierce the darkness

There is light, a brilliant light.  The weight of an incomplete life is lifted.  My purpose comprehended, suffering replaced with joy and an embrace, like a warm blanket on a cold, cold winter night


Yes my son, I am here and there is so much to tell