The American Soldier

How different we are

How different we see

What we call lucky 

The Soldier calls grit

What we call tragic loss 

The Soldier calls the battle of tyranny for the sake of liberty

What we call unnecessary loss of life 

The Soldier calls the price of freedom

What we call senseless 

The Soldier calls courage, honor and commitment

What we call needless and hopeless

The Soldier calls a triumph of the human spirit

We cry… “I support the troops”

“How sad the loss of blood and treasure”

Support, the soldier ponders in rhetorical reflection 

The care of our returning vets is truly the measure

How different we are

How different we see

Amid foreign land

In the sand

On the mountain

In the jungle

Bullets, blood and the screams of their fallen serve as their truth

In comfort flooded by the light of a giant screen

With a coke

With some popcorn

And the hand of a loved one

Quips, drama and pseudo action serve as our fantasy

How different we are

How different we see

For us the path is dark, the footing unsure and the way unclear

Uncertainty dims light, purpose, it clouds confidence

For the soldier the ghosts of their fallen illuminate their path

Their sacrifice and dedication a northern star 

Their honor a lifeline 

Their blood a salvation

They bow their heads to remember those who lit their path 

Those who laid down their life so we could know their story

For them their brothers deserve all the glory

How different we are

How different we see

They would change places with those who fell 

For victory means they all come home safe and well

Fallen they are but gone, no, they remain

There at the vanguard for eternity is their refrain

Apart they are now but together they shall be

And on that day as America stands proud, stands tall 

Together they gave all so that America could be

They fought, they bled, they suffered and died so we can live free

How different we are

But together we could be

If , If only we

Remember those who survived 

With the same honor and reverence as those who have died

Remember that no matter what we obtain in our chosen field

We stand on the shoulders of those who gave it all on the battlefield