5-Minute Speech V2

I want to begin my remarks by inviting you to visit my website:


There you will find the most complete explanation of who I am and what my vision for the future of Texas is.  

When I decided to seek elective office I did it because I wanted to make a difference.  I wanted to bring my thoughts to the market place of ideas and along with my fellow Texans begin the process of returning the government to the people.   

Things like money and endorsements never really fit into the process for me.  What has seemed to work is meeting and listening to the concerns of every person that crossed my path.  To take the time to drive a hundred miles to meet with a group of 5 or 500 because that is what a public servant does.  As a result of my approach I have sought and won two hard fought elections understanding that political endorsements meant very little when it came to winning the endorsements of every single person that voted for me.  

A lot will be made of who among the political elite is aligned with whom and if that is important to you then I guess that supporting ______ may not be for you.  But if you are interested in moving forward in an open, transparent and honest way with an individual who seeks “The Peoples” endorsement when making decisions rather than looking to see which way the wind is blowing then supporting _______ is the first step in restoring the reality of “We The People.”

For far too long now elections have been run more like auctions.  Did you know that 94% of the time the candidate running for office who has raised the most money wins.  Think about that, money dictates outcomes in our elections.  I am here to challenge that model, I am here to challenge you to begin the process of taking back our representative form of government and help me return it to “We The People.”  That will only occur when we collectively wake up and tell the political elite, the bundlers and the special interest groups that our elective offices are no longer up for auction.

Texas is poised for great things.  It has been my long held position that energy will be the catalyst for the next great economic boom in this country and sitting underneath our feet right here and right now is the fuel that will power our countries economic recovery.  This can only happen if we send the right people to the State House, to Congress and to the White House.  

Over the next several months you will have the opportunity to vet many candidates for many different office.  They will stand in front of you and tick off their resumes, they will parade out members of the existing political elite to show you that they have support and they will try and convince you that endorsements count and that big bankrolls count.  They will tell you that these things are what give candidate legitimacy and I am here to tell you that is not the case, that endorsements and money don’t equal legitimacy they equal the stale business as usual mentality we find ourselves entangled in.  

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow Texans, I am here to tell you that what matters is the willingness to do the hard work.  The willingness to hit the road and touch every voter you can.  To listen to you, your concerns and even your recommendations for solving the problems we face.  An elected official, a public servant serves the people who took the time to vote for them and not the special interests groups who funded them or the political elite seeking to coopt others into a flawed system that has served itself rather than the people.

I have an energy plan, a vision for Texas and I have spent the last two years traveling the state speaking about it and writing about it.  I have been outspoken about my objections to the EPA and their out of control regulatory practices.  I have been out in front on championing real reform when it comes to energy.   I understand that a balance must exist between protecting our environment, our citizens with creating jobs and realizing real energy independence.  I have the background necessary to serve and the willingness to work with and for the people.  

Please visit my website, grab me after this event or any of the many other events I will attend and ask me the questions, share your concerns with me as well as your solutions.  Together we can sustain the dream that is Texas but only as long we elect people willing to do the hard work.  I implore you to just say no to those seeking to perpetuate the auctioning of elections as they waive endorsements that merely equal IOU’s.  The only IOU I have issued or will ever issue is to the voter when they have decided to trust me to serve them.

My name is _______ and I am asking you for your vote.  Thank you