Speech: Campaign Stock 1

(Acknowledge your audience, where you are and the important people in the room.)


I was elected to the _______ on November 2, 2004 unseating an incumbent democrat. 

(My suggestion for an ice breaker)

Yes, I am a proud black conservative, I know, I know, something of a mythical paradox but thanks to the current President and the outstanding job he is doing …  Roll your eyes and or clear your throat… I am here to inform you that we do in fact exist.  

I also happen to be the youngest conservative republican to hold the title of ________ in the state of Texas.  In 2008 I was re-elected by my constituents because of my steadfast commitment to safeguarding their tax dollars in a way that balanced the protection of individual property rights with a deep understanding of preserving our land resources and maximizing them for growth and future generations.  I was honored in 2008 when Governor Perry appointed me to the _______where my fellow board members entrusted me to lead the initiative for_______.  I have a diverse education background that includes Bachelors of Business Administration, Masters Degree in Public Administration and I am currently completing my PhD in Policy and Administration, but enough about my history, let me tell you what I believe.

I know that one of the notions that have led us to this point is suffering from what we hope and what we believe.  So let me be very clear here, I am not pouring out my hopes, I am stating my beliefs because as Sarah Palin reminded us when she asked in a speech: “So how is that hopey changey thing working out for ya,” we can easily see that the false hope of the current administration has brought us to this point in time.  A point in time that we can see gas prices skyrocket, the cost of goods and services trending up, inflation looming in the shadows, a budget deficit in the trillions and a national debt that has almost doubled.  Hope and change?  To be honest I hope things do change…

Seriously, lets get back to what I believe.  I believe that Texas is a unique state that is rich in energy resources.  Coal, oil and natural gas reserves buried deep beneath the soil will serve as a source of energy for decades to come but only if we stay committed to a balanced approach to harnessing its potential.  I believe that Texans can and will be the driving force that can accomplish bringing a balanced approach to energy production and will serve as a model for the rest of the nation.  I believe that this is a critical time in this nation’s progression because it is my firm belief that Energy and Energy Technologies will be the next big economy.  I believe this is why it will be imperative for Texas to lead the way through development of these resources, the education of a highly qualified and innovative workforce and a commitment to understanding the importance of energy as it relates to the prosperity and protection of this country.  Finally and this is an important one, I believe in the promise of a bright future for Texas powered by abundant resources and driven by Texas pride and ingenuity.  

So that is what I believe.  Standing in the path of my beliefs is a bureaucratic behemoth bent on de-valuing the dollar.  They strive to usher in inflation to rescue us from debt.  They impede industry through false ideologies that have brought us “Cap and Trade” legislation.  They have escalated entitlement spending by pushing onto the American people things like Obamacare.  They create catchy slogans like “Winning the Future” while they feign attempts at weaning us from our addiction on foreign oil yet they hamstringing America by suspending oil production in this country.  They do this while at the same time giving speeches and American dollars to countries that compete with America for energy production and for the most vital resource in any recovery, jobs.  A perfect example would be President Obama’s recent trip to Brazil, who can forget that nightmare speech?  A speech in which American Dollars were given to a country to pursue the very jobs the administration stole from the Gulf Coast.  In that speech our President propped up deep water drilling in Brazil, handed them the cash in the form of loan guarantees, created jobs for Brazilians, and to add insult to injury he also hoped (there is that word again) that America would be Brazil’s best customer.  Where I believe in meeting our own needs when it comes to energy and jobs we have an administration that sees fit to outsource it.

It doesn’t stop there, while the shutdown of oil production in the Gulf of Mexico has resulted in less oil being produced domestically and jobs being moved out of this country we see the hands of the obstructionist administration at work here again in our backyard.   Who here knows about the“Dunes Sagebrush Lizard,” or sand dune lizard?  If you haven’t you should have and if you don’t then let me tell you about this fun little reptilian friend that is now the poster child of the left, the environmentalists, the very energy killing radicals who want to take us back to the days of the horse and buggy and mud huts for homes.  This little fella has been proposed by the Obama Administration to be added to the list as federally endangered.  This is clearly a political move aimed at crippling America’s energy producers but this one hits far too close to home.  It threatens oil and gas production right here in Texas impacting counties like Gaines, Andrews, Ward, Winkler and Crane, all vital plays in the Permian Basin.  

The goal of the Obama Administration should be to find ways to create jobs here and not in Brazil.  Government should be should be invested in embracing businesses here rather than encouraging them to go elsewhere because the administrations ideology trumps reality.  The idea of energy independence does not nor should not include an all out assault on the Texas oil and gas industry but looking back it seems as though that is the plan of the current administration.  

Ladies, we sit on the verge of leading the nation into a new economy driven by energy and innovative energy technologies.  Our vast resources in natural gas, oil and coal combined with advances in renewable energies have all served in making Texas an energy leader and will serve as an economic engine for growth and prosperity for future generations.  This can only turn from a belief into a reality if we stand up now and fight for what is right, what is just and what is OURS.  I believe in Texas and the promise of a future in which Texas stands tall and stands as an example of what a bright independent energy future looks like.   We have it, the country needs it and now lets get to doing it the Texas way and deliver it to them.

(You can use one if the following slogans for and ending, these are yours from past speeches)

“Texas Power, the new economic engine for growth and prosperity” 

“Texas Power, leading the nation into a new economy”

“Texas, Powering a Brighter Tomorrow”

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak to you today and please let me close by saying may God Continue to Bless America and the great State of Texas.