Texas Independence

There is a reason they call it running for office…  You can’t walk into office, you can’t have it handed to you, or be appointed to it and expect to just glide in, you have to run and I have been running every day and will not stop until I cross the finish line so any reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated…

I am here to speak today on Texas Independence.  Anytime the topic is raised you are required by Texas law (Ha Ha) to reference the battle at the Alamo.  On March 2nd 1836 Texas declared her independence this declaration occurred because Texans sought one thing and one thing only, FREEDOM, freedom from the oppressive hand of dictatorial rule.  This is a story that has been repeated across this country and around the world but the test of time has elevated the story of Texas’s independence and the bravery of those who stood and died at the Alamo as one of the greatest Stories ever told.  Our story will endure and stand as a testament to mansdesire to live free andlive a life of self determination.

 On February 24, 1836, the Mexican dictator, Antonio López de Santa Anna began laying siege to the Alamo.  On January 19th 2009 President Barack Obama began laying siege on the country he was elected to lead.  Armed with the power of the pen he began to dismantle what has been built with the blood, sweat and lives of those who have come before.  Just as Santa Anaa fired relentless shots at the Alamo this administration has relentlessly attacked the very foundation of this country.  Through oppressive regulations and job killing mandates this administration has weakened our great nation and done more to harm the cause of liberty than to fortify it.  They have taken the hard fought freedom our ancestors earned and replaced it with the bitterness of class warfare by sewing the seeds of discontent.  These actions have made this country less independent and more dependent, the antithesis of the sacrifices made right here in Texas.  

The days of building forts and defending them against armed invasion by foot soldiers with cannons, muskets and bayonets is an era we find in the rear view mirror.  Today we face new challenges and new weapons.  Our forts are now our homes. We fight to defend our individual property rights and our individual liberties, the freedom to enter into the marketplace and exchange goods and services freely.  What is under assault are those basic rights.  Individuals are now battling the forces of the very government we have elected to protect our rights.  Agencies like the EPA are the weapons being leveled and pointed directly at us.  No longer are we free to operate openly in the marketplace.  Instead the powers that be have made the determination that government knows what is best.  Government has the solutions and that my fellow Texans is exactly the battle that was fought in 1836.  History shows us that people must remain vigilant or risk the overreach of government and make no mistake, government is overreaching and it is time that we make a stand and defend our freedom, our liberty.

Remember that the morning of April 21, 1836, it is a metaphor for where we stand today.  That morning dawned and awakened a new day and a new nation.  We saw seven hundred fifty troops under Sam Houston engaged on the field of battle with one thousand two hundred troops under Santa Anna. Outmanned, outgunned, fresh of a crushing defeat they fought and in 18 minutes the Mexican dictator had been defeated. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we are the underdog in this battle.  We stand as proud Texans against the agencies like the EPA, against the oppressive job killing regulations that consistently flow from this nations capital, against the notion that government is the solution.  We know a thing or two about the fight for freedom and the struggle that exists between a government bent on controlling its people and a people yearning to be free.  

I embrace the idea that our government exists to serve the people rather than people existing to serve the government.  It is for that reason I am seeking to fill the seat of my friend ___________ s on the _____________.  I want to stand tall and represent the citizens of Texas and serve their needs and interests.  I want to do what is best for Texas and its citizens by fighting to keep government out of the business of determining winners and losers.   

Right here, right now, this is our fight for independence.  Years from now future generations will tell the story of Texas and its people, a people who never stood still, a people who stood tall and proud and never backed down, a people who gave everything to preserve freedom and truly understood the cause of liberty.

My name is ______________, I am seeking the office of __________________ and I am asking you to trust me and fight with me.  I am asking you for your vote.

Thank you and may God continue to bless America and may His light always shine brightest on Texas.